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Convert all suitable characters to HTML Codes

Use our free HTML Character Encoder and Decoder and prepare your texts that contain umlauts and special characters for a correct HTML entry. This is always necessary when you'd like to disclose your texts to search engines or visitors in a correct way.

This service is free of charge and can be used anytime as much as you need. In case you have questions, we would be glad to help you.

HTML character encoding

Should you want to display your text correctly without worrying about the character sets of your visitor's browsers, you always need to prepare it by converting all suitable characters to their HTML appropriate characters. We help you do that by providing access to the function htmlentities.

Please, take into account that most WYSIWYG editors like TinyMCE take care of this while you type. In case your editor or CMS do not provide this functionality, you can use our encoder to parse your text before you post it on the internet. This way you make sure that search engine can read it correctly.

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