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Data security

Your personal data
In connection with your access to our servers for purposes of data security data is temporarily stored that may allow identification. Depending on the access log the data file will contain the following contents:

  • IP Address of the remote computer
  • Date and time of request
  • access method / function by the requesting computer
  • input values ​​(file name, ...) by the requesting computer
  • Access status of Web server (file transferred, file not found, command not executed, etc.)
  • Name of file requested
  • URL of the requested file
  • the size of transmitted data

The stored data will be used for purposes of identification and tracking unauthorised attempts to access the web server. A further analysis, except for statistical purposes in anonymous form or for its own marketing purposes, does not take place.

You have the right to request information about the personal data stored. In addition, you have a right to rectification, blocking and deletion. The secrecy of telecommunications protects your e-mail content against unauthorised access and processing.

We do not use cookies. Some linked pages may use cookies and we have no control over this. Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically. You can deactivate the storing of cookies or set your browser to notify you when cookies are being sent.

Links to other websites
Our website contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether other providers comply with the Privacy Policy. We are responsible for the content according to the general laws. This content is sometimes linked and is different from the content provided by other providers. For third-party content provided through links on our site and which are particularly marked, we are not responsible and do not adopt their content. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and for damages resulting from the use or misuse of information, responsible is only the owner of the website that is referred to. For other information the editors are only responsible if he has positive knowledge of any illegal or criminal content, and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use.

Data processing by Facebook
This website contains some content (plugin) Facebook (from Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). We only allow the connection to Facebook. For the purpose and scope of data collection and usage by Facebook, and your rights and ways to protect as a Facebook client, please refer to the privacy policies of Facebook.

Your questions and concerns about privacy are very welcome and important. You can reach us at the following address:

Public Directory of Procedures

Privacy protection - use-media
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