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A61 Druckerei und Stickerei für Textilien


The use-media offers internationally and regionally active companies comprehensive services in the areas of programming, design and also online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

As part of our services, we also support A61 Textildruck und Stickerei with our competent team in their success on the Internet. As an internet agency, we have been able to actively accompany A61's business for over 10 years and set the right course for success on the internet with our services.

Our services include the development of an extensive and technically complex online store including an online designer tool, with the help of which A61's customers can design their textiles online. Furthermore, we support the online print shop with services in the area of search engine optimization, which sustainably promote a stronger reach on search engines such as google.de and lead to better rankings and more visitors / traffic.

The highly modern textile printing company A61 has been online for years with the help of our software solutions. The company has a clearly structured online store for finishing textiles and relies on a very innovative online textile designer. The latter allows visitors and buyers to design textiles such as T-shirts or sweatshirts themselves online and to commission the printing or embroidery of the respective textile with their own designs, motifs and texts.

The designer offers extensive design options, can work with vector files and the online store provides flanking a stress-free purchase. All templates, products, motifs and colors in the designer are uploaded by the customer himself to ensure the greatest possible flexibility. Furthermore, every prospective customer can have his design sent to him by e-mail in order to order later.

In addition, the designer can be used under tablets and cell phones just as easily and conveniently, along with the responsive and mobile version of the website. Furthermore, we have implemented various interfaces for A61 and are constantly developing the website.

Do you also need support with programming, design and online marketing or search engine optimization? We would be happy to support your company's success on the Internet.

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