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National Institute of Archaelogy

Digitale Wegweiser


The Museum of Ethnology in Sofia has entrusted us with a very exciting task - to program a stele control software for the visualization of an exhibition, which allows archaeological findings provided by the Louvre in Paris to be displayed on several stelae. Our content management system, as a comprehensive and flexible solution, was the perfect product for the job.

Entirely touch and swipe based, the software allows the user to experience all the content of the presentation quickly and engagingly, without losing track of the content. The resolution is based on the format of the stele and all areas are fixed and clearly positioned. The visualization is in full screen mode with appropriate protection against leaving full screen.

As another technical measure, we programmed the possibility to fill and control several stelae independently from a central database.

In 2018, we have set a new goal with the museum in mind - the implementation of a digital signpost for the museum. Work is already underway and we plan to have the wayfinder ready in the fall of 2018.

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