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Why personal contacts are still important in times of digitalization

Þ02 October 2023, 14:32
read time: 3 min
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Persönliche Ansprechpartner

Nowadays, websites, chatbots and artificial intelligence are omnipresent. There is less and less human contact and many services are no longer performed by humans. Internet agencies have become indispensable partners for companies of all sizes and industries.
They offer a wide range of services to make companies visible online, attract customers and increase sales. But in the midst of this digital transformation, one thing remains crucial - the personal contact person in the service of an internet agency.  Find out why personal contacts are still important in this text.

The complexity of the digital world
The digital world is developing at breakneck speed. New technologies, platforms and trends are constantly emerging and require constant adaptation and innovation. This can be overwhelming for companies, especially those without the necessary expertise. This is where internet agencies come into play. They are there to guide businesses in the digital landscape and help them achieve their goals.

Personalized support as the key to success
In this complex digital world, personalization of support is a key to success. Internet agencies that integrate personal contacts into their service offer their clients an invaluable advantage. Here are some reasons why personal contact is so important:

Individual consulting and strategy development
Every company has its own goals, target groups and budgets. A personal contact at an internet agency can take the time to understand the specific needs and goals of a company. On this basis, customized digital marketing strategies can be developed that are precisely tailored to these needs. This ensures that the investment in digital presence brings maximum benefit.

Real-time communication and rapid response
The digital world never sleeps, and problems or opportunities can arise at any time. Having a personal point of contact enables fast and efficient communication between the client and the agency. This means that changes or unexpected developments can be responded to in real time. This ensures that the company's digital presence is always optimized.

Building trust and customer satisfaction
The relationship between an Internet agency and its customer is based on trust. A personal contact person creates a personal bond that goes beyond the purely business level. Customers feel better looked after and understood, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more willing to enter into long-term partnerships and provide positive reviews and recommendations.

Flexibility and adaptability
The digital landscape is inherently volatile. Trends can change overnight and a company's requirements can evolve quickly. A personal contact can flexibly adapt the strategy to respond to these changes. This ensures that a company's digital presence is always up-to-date and effective.

Knowledge exchange and training
A good personal contact is not only a service provider, but also a knowledge broker. They can inform customers about the latest trends, best practices and digital technologies. This enables companies to improve their own understanding and skills in the digital field, leading to greater independence in the long term.

Success stories and references
An internet agency that offers personal contact can point to an impressive list of success stories and satisfied clients. These references are not only a confirmation of the quality of their services, but also a strong selling point for potential clients.

At a time when digital presence is crucial for business success, personal contacts are invaluable in the service of an internet agency. They offer customized advice, quick responses, confidence building and flexibility. In short, personal contacts are a key to success in the digital era and contribute enormously to positive customer loyalty.

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